- bringing some good thing not foreseen as certain
- receiving some unexpected good


Making Money.
Let's talk about that.
Making money in and of itself is not a "cause."
It has no foundation, no well to draw from and has no depth.
Making money has no feeling or personality.
Bottom line is money does what we tell it to do.
If we tell money to do the wrong thing or pursue the wrong idea, we will lose it.
In contrast, if we tell money to do the right thing, pursue the right idea or the right project, we build that money tree and create a positive outcome and something to be proud of. We are a family of Entrepreneurs with a track record of finding causes and giving to them. As a future community, we may not always agree on the cause, but we will agree to "help" the cause nonetheless. We believe that working to have "just enough" for ourselves is in itself, selfish. Having just enough, on purpose, little or
no accountability.
However, more than enough is a game changer. Accountability is the first objective in pursuit of a cause bigger than ourselves. This Staking Pool is not
about building cash. For us it is about building a Legacy.
Over the next few weeks, months, and forseeable future, we will be picking and joining causes, giving a portion of our net proceeds, and posting the journey to our website. Who wants to join us in this journey to spread help and resources to those in a less fortunate place?
Who are we?
We are Team Fortunate!!!!! (4tun8)

Our mission